Ruy Cinatti Fund

The Ruy Cinatti Fund includes the archive and some museum objects. However, his archive is not personal but of a family nature. Although most of the archive concerns documentation produced and accumulated by Ruy Cinatti, there are other sections dedicated to his family members, with documentation created and collected by them, such as José Vaz Monteiro (1820-1890), Amélia Augusta Vaz Monteiro Gomes (1859-1951), Vicente Luís Gomes (1861-1934), António Vaz Monteiro Gomes (1887-1958), Hermínia Celeste Cinatti Monteiro Gomes (1877-1917), Amélia Vaz Monteiro Gomes [Stern] (1922-? ), Jaime Batalha Reis (1847-1935), Celeste Cinatti Batalha Reis, Beatriz Cinatti Batalha Reis (1889-?), Vítor Cinatti Batalha Reis (?-1963) and Demétrio Cinatti (1851-1921).

Ruy Cinatti Vaz Monteiro Gomes (1915-1986), a graduate in agronomy with a doctorate in anthropology, was a poet, ethnographer, and anthropologist and, above all, a defender of East Timor, not only at a cultural level but also at a political and social level in the process of its independence and self-determination. He established the former Casa do Gaiato as his heir, and the archive was handed over to this institution. Sometime later, Ruy Cinatti's archive was assembled by Professor Peter Stilwell and given to the João Paulo II University Library of Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

This collection consists of around 98 archive boxes. In addition to the correspondence, which is significant, Ruy Cinatti's archive includes press clippings, publications, speeches, communications, manifestos and reports, cartography, articles, texts, edited and unpublished poems, but also an extensive series of photographs that cover moments throughout his life, with East Timor standing out. This archive is, therefore, divided into various sections, which concern, for example, his personal life, his school and academic life, his artistic and literary life, and his professional life.

The archival description of the Ruy Cinatti Family Archive is available on PAPIR - Platform for Personal and Religious Institution Archives. The Archive can also be consulted by prior appointment at the John Paul II University Library.

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