Costa Macedo & Costa Cabral Fund

The Costa Macedo & Costa Cabral Fund is a collection of old books donated in the 1960s to Universidade Católica Portuguesa by representatives of the Costa Macedo and Costa Cabral families, Caetano Maria das Neves da Costa Macedo (1890-1958) and Maria de Carvalho e Vasconcelos Costa Cabral (1895-1990).

This collection belonged to Caetano Costa Macedo's paternal great-grandfather, Joaquim José da Costa Macedo (1777-1867), who was keeper of the Torre do Tombo. When the family sold a house they owned in Golegã, the books were taken to Quinta de Santo António, in Telheiras, and when this in turn was sold, in 1960, they decided to offer them to Universidade Católica Portuguesa, which was appraised by Father António Leite, SJ. In 2006, another 200 to 300 volumes belonging to the same collection were added.

This collection of old books focuses on a number of subjects, particularly History, Ecclesiastical History, Canon Law and Parenetics, among others. The oldest edition in this collection dates from 1566.

The collection is currently being inventoried and technically processed. For more information contact