António Rodrigues Cavalheiro Fund

The António Rodrigues Cavalheiro Fund is the personal archive of António Rodrigues Cavalheiro, which is deposited in the João Paulo II University Library of Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

António Rodrigues Cavalheiro (1902-1984), who had a degree in Historical and Geographical Sciences from School of Arts and Humanities of University of Lisbon, was a historian, teacher, politician and ollissipographer who was linked to the Estado Novo, serving as Director of the Cultural Services of the Portuguese Youth, Member of the National Assembly (III Legislature) and Prosecutor of the Corporate Chamber, for men of humanities. He was also closely linked to the Lusitanian Integralist Movement and its founder, António Sardinha, and was part of the second generation of integralists, alongside well-known names such as Marcello Caetano and Pedro Teotónio Pereira. He was also a member of the Portuguese Academy of History.

His personal archive consists of 90 installation units, covering topics such as Literature and Writers, Overseas Territories, Nationalism, Poetry and Poets, Gil Vicente, October 5th, Alfredo Pimenta, Bernardino Machado, Sidónio Pais, Lisbon, Estado Novo, Patrícia Collection, King Carlos, Regicide, Royal Family, António Sardinha, among others.

The archive can be accessed at the João Paulo II University Library, by prior appointment. For more information contact