Connected to the Future. Unique Digital Identity for Students

The new Unique Digital Identity allows a national access to all students at UCP. A change that facilitates access to the new national services of the University, from all campuses and faculties of the University.

What changes?

The username and e-mail address are merged to become one.

The e-mail address will take the following form: "", where "s" serves to identify the student profile and "nsurname" is a unique conjugation based on the first name and surname(s) of each person.

The new Unique Digital Identity will provide access to new national services such as Office365 and a new email box.

At this moment, the Unique Digital Identity does not replace the access credentials to the systems of each campus, meaning that, it does not replace the username and password. Therefore, to access the wireless network (Eduroam), Moodle, E-SCA, access to computers in class and access to Zoom/Colibri, you must continue to use your student number and password.

Through the Unique Digital Identity each student will have access to a global directory with all the identities of the various members of the UCP academic community on the different campuses.

This Digital Identity will remain, even after the conclusion of the studies, through the concept of Alumni Digital.