DiTDesk for Faculty, Collaborators and Researchers

DiTDesk allows you to clarify doubts, solve IT problems, or check information on solutions to common incidents, through:

  • The online DiTDesk, a portal for logging incidents and requests
  • The DiTDesk mobile app, available for both Android and iOS
  • The email address helpdesk@ucp.pt
  • The telephone number 309 100 110*, for rapid support in urgent situations, between 08:00 am and 10:00 pm, Monday to Saturday

Authentication to DiTDesk is done through the IDU credentials of the UCP. To send requests or incidents from a personal address, prior registration of that address is requested in the user profile in online DiTDesk.

You may send suggestions for improvement to the email: projectoditdesk@ucp.pt.  

*The cost of calls to this number is the same as for national telephone numbers.