Connected to the Future. Unique Digital Identity for Faculty & Collaborators

The new Unique Digital Identity allows a national access to all UCP staff and faculty. A change that allows working in a more collaborative and efficient way, from all campuses, faculties and research centres.

What changes?

The username and e-mail address are merged to become one.

The e-mail address takes the following form: "", where "nsurname" is a unique conjugation based on the first name and surname(s) of each person.

Your current e-mail address will continue to work correctly, and will forward all e-mails to your new account. For Faculty and Collaborators of the Braga, Lisbon and Viseu campuses, the content of the current e-mail account will automatically be migrated to the new national e-mail account. In the case of Professors and Collaborators of the Porto campus, the new e-mail account will be assigned to each one, being simultaneously forwarded the messages received in the e-mail "" to this new account.  In case you wish to migrate the contents of your email account "" to the new email account, you should contact the Porto IT Helpdesk, which will provide you with the necessary information. You can also consult all the details of this migration/assignment process in the FAQ page.

Through the Unique Digital Identity each Professor and Collaborator will have access to a directory with all the identities of the various members of the UCP academic community in the different campuses.