How to apply for admission

The UCP maintains a non-discriminatory admission policy, backed by statutes, ethical guidelines, and affirmative actions for inclusivity. The University repudiates any form of discrimination on the grounds of culture, gender, ethnicity, nationality, political and ideological orientation, or discrimination against people with disabilities (University statutes, article 10, nº4, Code of Ethics and Conduct, article 4, nº1a, nº2, and Article 2, nº1).

Before submitting your application, please check the dates in the calendar to confirm that the applications for the course(s) you wish to apply for are open.


Choose the location(s) where you wish to submit your application:

The application for courses in Lisbon — Headquarters can only be made online.

Application for courses at the Porto Regional Centre can be made online or in-person on campus.

Application for courses at the Braga Regional Centre can be made online or in-person on campus.

Application for courses at the Viseu Regional Centre can be made online or in-person on campus.

More information

Universidade Católica Portuguesa promotes the social, economic, and political inclusion of all. UCP has special admission regimens for specific groups.

Universidade Católica allocates supernumerary vacancies in its Bachelor (1st cycle) and Master Degrees:

  1. Portuguese descendants up to a maximum of 2% per study cycle.
  2. People with disabilities, under Decree-Law 291/2009, of 12 October | Vacancies (in PT)
       Document that must be submitted: medical certificate of 60% or more multipurpose incapacity
  3. High-performance sports players, under Decree-Law No. 272/2009, of 1 October.
        Document to be submitted: declaration of IPDJ.

The candidates who wish to apply to these special regimes must declare it in the application form, invoking the respective condition.

There are two or three phases for the application process depending on the course. Applicants who have taken exams in any of the phases may apply to the 1st phase at UCP.

For the Integrated Master's in Medicine there is only one phase. For this year only the national exams of the 1st Phase of 2023/2024 and the national exams of the 1st and 2nd Phase of 2022/2023 and 2021/2022 will be considered.

  • The option "Universidade Católica Portuguesa" is not included in the national application process;
  • The application process to the courses of Universidade Católica Portuguesa takes place in Lisbon, Porto, Braga, and Viseu. The application is made online within the deadlines indicated in the calendar;
  • Before submitting your application online, please check the dates in the calendar in order to confirm that the application(s) to the course(s) to which you wish to apply are open;
  • The application fee is not refundable.