Manuel Campos Pereira Fund

The Manuel Campos Pereira Fund consists of the private library, some museum objects, and the personal archive of Manuel Campos Pereira, which was donated to the João Paulo II University Library in 1985 by his wife, Maria Beatriz de Campos Pereira.

Manuel Campos Pereira (1906-1981) was a Portuguese lawyer, writer and novelist. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon. In addition to jurisprudence, he worked in secondary education, was an inspector of cultural assets at the Ministry of Justice, and was the director of the Lisbon Identification Archive. Regarding his intellectual output, he stood out for publishing short stories and chronicles in various newspapers and magazines.

His private library is made up of approximately 14,700 titles, including periodicals, whose subjects cover various areas such as Biographies, Fine Arts, Camiliana Collection, Applied Sciences, Pure Sciences, Philosophy, Generalities, History, Portuguese Literature, Foreign Literature, Poetry, Queirosiana Collection, Religion and Social Sciences. The publications in this library range from 1691 to 1985 - but the quantity of old books is not very significant. In addition to the library, there is also Manuel de Campos Pereira's personal archive, with documents relating to political, cultural and professional activities, as well as manuscripts of his literary work.

The bibliographic records of the library works in this collection are available in the Collective Bibliographic Catalog of Universidade Católica Portuguesa Libraries. His archive is still in the process of being inventoried and technically processed.

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