Martins de Carvalho Fund

The Martins de Carvalho Fund consists of a considerable special collection, as well as an archive, which was donated by the Martins de Carvalho family to the João Paulo II University Library of Universidade Católica Portuguesa in 1988.

This fund consists of a large library, the core of which was built up by Joaquim Martins de Carvalho (1822-1898), from Coimbra, a journalist by profession, founder of the O Conimbricense journal, who was also a master and leader of the Freemasons and the Carbonary, closely linked to the dawn of liberalism in Portugal. His son General Francisco Augusto Martins de Carvalho (1841-1921) inherited a large library and even published a work entitled Algumas Horas na Minha Livraria (1910), which is a kind of inventory of this private library. It was inherited by Councillor Fernando Martins de Carvalho (1872-1947), a lawyer, politician and historian, who also added to it.  The collection that is now in the João Paulo II University Library corresponds to only part of this library; the remaining part is deposited at University of Coimbra.

The subjects covered by this collection are very varied, ranging from Law, Literature, Ecclesiastical and Universal History, or the History of Portugal, with a focus on topics such as Liberalism, Absolutism and Freemasonry. The editions in this library cover a chronological period from 1515 to 1980 and consist of around 24,000 titles. Old books therefore make up a considerable part of the collection. The archive of this collection consists of documentation acquired rather than produced, as in a library context.

The bibliographic records of the works in this collection are available in the Collective Bibliographic Catalog of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa Libraries. The archive is currently undergoing technical treatment.

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