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Read here the UCP Campus Reactivation Plan.

UPDATE - MAY 4, 19:10 PM

Following the guidelines of the national health authorities regarding COVID-19, from May 11, Católica will be progressively resuming on prem activities at its four campi. The lifting of restrictions will take place according to three phases and shall be evaluated at the end of each quarter. The easing of lockdown measures shall be geared towards enabling a smooth wrapping up of the semester and a careful preparation of the new academic year.

As previously communicated, teaching will continue to be held remotely through ZOOM, TEAMS, MOODLE and BLACKBOARD. Exceptions to this situation and face to face sessions shall only be allowed for lab work and experimental classes at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, the Institute of Health Sciences, the School of the Arts and the School of Biotechnology. Researchers shall also be allowed to resume lab work, which was suspended with the enforcement of the state of emergency.

The lifting of lockdown measures shall take place according to the following stages:

Stage 0 – May 4 to 8 – Cleaning and sanitization

Stage I – May 11 to 22 – Resuming of front office services (low intensity)

Stage II – After May 22 – Resuming of research work and educational activities with students

Detailed information regarding the Campus Reactivation Plan may be found here. In addition, each School shall outline and inform students of the proceedings regarding its activities and the semester’s final assessment models.

The Rector thanks the unprecedented work of faculty and support staff in making the online transition, assuring the quality of our service at a time of exception. A note of thanks to the students’ unions is also due and their efforts to strengthen the quality of our service. 

Together we shall rise stronger.

More information here

UPDATE - APRIL 9, 17:01 PM

On March 13, the academic community was informed that all face-to-faceteaching activities would be suspended until April 9. Transition to digital platforms started immediatelyand has been successfully completed across all campi.

In view of the evolution of the COVID-19situation and the announced maintenance of the closure of schools by the Government, at least until the 4th of May, and in order not to cause renewed disruption in the last month of regular academic activity, face-to-face teaching shall not be resumed till the end of the semester. 

At the end of April, UCP will evaluate whether other services and face-to-face activities may be resumedon the campuses. At that point, the Rector and the Deans shall decide on the possibility of conducting the final evaluationson prem. This shall takeinto account the needs of each campus and the pedagogical model enforced at each academic unit.

UPDATE - MARCH 20, 4:30 PM

Click here to watch the message of acknowledgement and hope from Isabel Capeloa Gil to the entire academic community

UPDATE - MARCH 15, 3:48 PM

Universidade Católica Portuguesa, following a strict containment policy, will apply additional prevention measures at headquarters (Lisbon) and at the Regional Centers, starting on Monday, 16-3-2020. These measures are a result of:

  • the information about positive infection diagnoses in employees of UCP external providers, and the uncertainty that this situation may create;
  • the assurance that UCP's technological platforms will provide remote working capabilities for all employees and are delivering classes in a virtual classroom system. Thus, all the buildings in the Lisbon campus will be closed starting Monday.

    The university shall continue to provide services on the same level as before, albeit now remotely. Additional and appropriate information for specific situations will be provided by the Deans to their teachers and collaborators. All users can interact with the online services by following the information available on the institutional website.

    Vivas are cancelled and shall be rescheduled accordingly. This measure shall be enforced on all UCP campi. At this critical moment, the Rector and her team wishes everyone serenity and courage so that together we can overcome this situation unscathed.

To access all available information, know more here.

 UPDATE - MARCH 13, 7:10 P.M

In accordance to the emergency prevention measures approved by the Portuguese Council of Ministers, UCP informs that the face-to-face services provided by the school office, treasury, social responsibility office, and information office are closed until April 9.

The contact with the above services should be made exclusively by e-mail or telephone. To access the contacts list click here, and go to the "useful contacts" area.  

The classes are currently suspended until April 9, and UCP is working towards transferring them to online platforms.

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 UPDATE - MARCH 12, 3:20 P.M

As a protection measure for the Academic Community, the attendance of the university services and the treasury will be conditioned in person until March 30.

Contacts should be made primarily via email or phone.

UPDATE - MARCH 12, 11:30 A.M

Universidade Católica Portuguesa informs that it is in permanent contact with the Health Authorities in order to implement the necessary measures in view of the evolution of the situation related to COVID-19.
As a precaution, the face-to-face classes at the Lisbon, Porto and Braga campi have been suspended for a period of two weeks.
Read the statement here
More information about COVID-19, here.

UPDATE - MARCH 10, 1:46 P.M

At the Lisbon campus, all events (workshops, conferences, seminars) will be cancelled from tomorrow, March 11

Also at the Braga campus public events involving a large number of people will be cancelled and the libraries of this Regional Centre are closed to the public.      

The Porto campus informs that there are still no suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) and is following all the recommendations of the General Direction of Health and national and international authorities.

The University is aware of the sensitivity of the subject and is following the evolution of the epidemic minute by minute and taking preventive measures accordingly. The University will make a new update on this topic whenever justified.

More information here.

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