Frequently Asked Questions

Perguntas & Respostas

No, considering the recent legislative changes introduced in Decree -Law no. 10 -A/2020, as of April 22, it is no longer mandatory to wear a mask or faceshield inside the buildings located on all University campuses.

Yes. University buildings and parking lots are all open.

Social distancing must be maintained between campus users, inside and outside the buildings.

The distance observed in classrooms and workspaces is the distance recommended by the competent authorities.

If possible, during classes, windows and doors should be kept open. Classrooms will be cleaned and disinfected daily and additional disinfections shall be done.

All food areas are operational.

At the end of the meal, you should leave the tray/dishes on the table to ensure that the area is cleaned before the next person uses it.

Payment should be made when possible by electronic payment (for example: ATM card or MBway).

The food areas are for exclusive use during meal times, and people are not allowed to stay for other purposes.

It is up to users to maintain social distance when using and waiting for the SF.

Hands should be thoroughly washed with soap and water at the beginning and end of each use of the SF.

Cleaning and disinfection will be done more frequently in all the facilities of the various buildings, using appropriate disinfectant products.

The frequency of cleaning rooms has been increased, as well as the cleaning of the most sensitive objects such as taps, handles, switches and panels, using appropriate hygiene products.

Employees who provide services to the public will be given a kit with alcohol disinfectant gel and a paper roll so that they can repeatedly disinfect their hands, work surfaces, and equipment. After attending to each person, and whenever documents are handled, they should disinfect their hands with the available disinfectant. Hand sanitiser and a roll of paper must be available on service counters and in all places considered essential.

Each person served should use the available disinfectant to disinfect their hands before and after the service. The frequency of cleaning desks has been increased and suitable cleaning products have been adopted.

Additionally, employees should use the alcohol gel available to disinfect the equipment at their desk at the beginning and end of the workday and whenever they deem it necessary.