Candidates of Other Nationalities

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Nationality Requirements

The information provided on this page is intended for foreign students who meet the legally established eligibility requirements to apply for a place in the undergraduate degrees and integrated master degrees under the International Student Status.

For this purpose, an international student is a student who satisfies cumulatively the conditions described below:

  • is not a national of an European Union (EU) Member State;
  • is not a direct descendant, spouse (husband/wife) or partner of a national of a EU Member State;
  • has not been legally residing in Portugal continuously for more than two years on the 1st January of the year in which he or she intends to enter higher education (himself/herself, his or her spouse or any of the parents with whom he or she lawfully resides);
  • is not a beneficiary of the status of equal rights and duties conferred in accordance with international treaties between the Portuguese State and the State of which they are nationals Students who are in emergency situation for humanitarian reasons may apply under the International Student Status, in accordance with article 7 of the REEIUCP, and should therefore contact the

This regime should also be used by international students who are already students in a foreign higher education institution or who are holders of a higher education degree (national or foreign).

The admission at UCP of foreign citizens who are not covered by the provisions of the International Student Status must apply under the terms applicable to students of Portuguese nationality.

Admission Requirements

  • secondary school diploma or legally equivalent degree;
  • results obtained in 2019, 2018 or 2017 of one of the following options in the order presented:

The final national examination of foreign secondary education  considered homologous to entrance exam for the course

National final exams of foreign secondary education;

A passing grade in the subject of the foreign secondary education considered equivalent to the entrance exam;

Alternatively, completion of the national exams in Portugal of the entrance tests required for the course to which you are applying.


Chinese Candidates

Admission will be granted to students who have completed Gaokao in the last two academic years and who were classified in 1st and 2nd categories in the ranking by Province. 


Application Grade

The application grade is calculated as follows:

Final grade of secondary school education or equivalent degree: 60%

The final national exam Classification of one of the subjects of secondary education mentioned: 40%

Final national exam or subject exam that substitutes the entrance exam.

The classifications obtained will be converted to the Portuguese scale in accordance with Portuguese law.



  • Simple photocopy of identification tax number (or any other fiscal identification document)
  • Photocopy of identification tax number (or any other fiscal identification document)
  • A photograph
  • Declaration, under oath, that the applicant is eligible as "international student"
  • Secondary School Diploma with complete list of  courses (courses taken and their classification) and final classification*
  • Certificate of the marks obtained in the final national secondary school exam (if applicable in the country) *
  • Payment of Application Fee (if not admitted the amount is non-refundable)

» Applicants may also be requested to submit:

Document indicating the rating scale in the country concerned, including mention of the positive scale, issued by competent authority, whenever the certificates do not indicate the country's grading scale  and/or Portuguese law does not provide for conversion of the grades of that country *;
Document issued by competent authority attesting the evaluation in the final national exams of the subjects relevant for the course *

* The original of this document must be submitted at the start date of classes and: a) be legalized by Portuguese diplomatic or consular authority, OR b) contain the Hague Apostille issued by the competent authority of the issuing country, if that country has joined the Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents (Hague Conference). 

To request equivalence, the document in the original language and a translation into Portuguese (official translation) must be submitted


Formalizing your application

Before submitting or sending your application, you  must ensure that applications to the program you are interested in are open.

Braga » send email to with the documents mentioned above *;

Lisboa » send email to with the documents mentioned above *;

Porto » Online | Email - - with the documents mentioned above *;

Viseu » send email to  with the documents mentioned above *;


After sending the documentation by email, candidates will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of application with the necessary information for making payment via bank transfer. The application will only be considered complete after receipt of payment.