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The information provided on this page is intended for foreign students who meet the legally established eligibility requirements to apply for a place in the undergraduate degrees and integrated master degrees under the International Student Statute.


For detailed information on access, please visit the website of each campus:

Lisboa   Porto  Braga   Viseu

Citizenship Requirements

  • Those who, not being nationals of an EU Member State, have been legally residing in Portugal continuously for at least two years on 1st January of the year in which they intend to enter higher education, including any of their children who legally reside with them; The length of residence with a residence permit for study is not relevant for the purpose of residence time in Portugal;
  • Not being a direct descendant, spouse (husband/wife) or partner of a national of a EU Member State;
  • Not being a beneficiary of the status of equal rights and duties conferred in accordance with international treaties between the Portuguese State and the State of which they are nationals Students who are in emergency situation for humanitarian reasons (those may apply under the International Student Statute, in accordance with article 7 of the REE I UCP;
  • Foreign students who are attending a Portuguese higher education institution within the framework of an international mobility programme in order to complete a course of studies of a foreign higher education institution with whom the Portuguese institution has entered into an exchange agreement with that objective.

Admission Requirements


  • The application to the Medicine:
       - Successful realization of the required entrance exams, considered equivalent to the corresponding Portuguese national exams (The required entrance exams are considered equivalent to the corresponding Portuguese national exams in accordance to the Deliberation No. 606/2022); or
    - Having sat the entrance exams - Portuguese national exams (Biology and Geology (B) and Physics and Chemistry and Mathematics)  - set for the Integrated Master's Degree in Medicine; or
    - Internal written exams, in English language and exams conducted in person, provide by Católica Medical School, with the Portuguese national exams subjects set for the Integrated Master's Degree in Medicine (subjects available on

Application Grade

  • Final grade achieved  in secondary education course * : 60%
  • Grade obtained in the ENEM exam relevant to the course that is being applied for*: 40%

* After conversion to the Portuguese scale. 

To calculate your application grade, check this document (only available in Portuguese)


The original of this document should:

  • The last two aforementioned documents must be originals legalised by the Consulate / Embassy of Portugal in Brazil;
  • When the documents presented are written in a foreign language other than Spanish, English or French, a translation must be presented in accordance with legal requirements;
  • These documents should be presented before the start date of classes. Students who fail to do so will not be allowed to attend classes.

Note: Application Fee Payment (if not admitted, the amount is non-refundable).

  • Declaration, issued by a competent entity for the effect (duly authenticated), with information on the grading scale used and respective minimum grade for approval;
  • Information on the foreign education system to which the qualification relates (e.g. number of years of schooling, entrance requirements, school certification).


To apply online to UCP, you should follow these steps:

  1. Go to the application websites: Lisbon | Porto | Braga | Viseu | Faculty of Theology;
  2. Please send the required documents, mentioned above, to the following emails: Lisbon | Porto | Braga | Viseu;
  3. After sending the documentation by email, candidates will receive an email confirming receipt of application with the necessary information for making payment via bank transfer. The application will only be considered complete after receipt of payment.

Note: Before submitting or sending your application, you must ensure that applications to the program you are interested in are open.