Accessing to the subscribed information resources

Access to subscribed information resources is now universal, both on and off campus, regardless of the regional center, eliminating the need for any configuration on the devices used, with authentication of users based solely on their Office 365 credentials (




Whenever possible, use the addresses provided on the Libraries Portal to access resources.

If you are not accessing through the addresses provided by the Libraries, you should search each publisher's page for the institution login option.

Possible additional steps:

a) If you are already signed in to Office 365, access to the resources may be direct;
b) If you are not already authenticated, you must provide your Office 365 credentials when requested;
c) If led to an institution-specific authentication box, search for Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Get started with your searches and if you have any questions, contact the UCP Libraries through the email

Access to resources previously occurred in two distinct ways:

- Direct access (IP-based): on UCP campuses, through the eduroam network, or using University-provided terminals, without the need for any configuration or additional authentication;

- Remote access: it was necessary to configure the device in accordance with the user's regional center (proxy or VPN).

From now on, access to subscribed information resources will be universal, both on and off campus and regardless of the regional center to which the user is mainly related to. Access control is now performed by all publishers and content providers using Office 365 credentials (, to which the entire academic community has access, without the need for any technological dependency (proxy or VPN configuration, now used off-campus).

Access to resources should be initiated primarily through the hyperlinks present on the UCP Libraries Portal and users will then be redirected to the Office 365 authentication page, where they must enter their credentials (

Depending on the editor, users may be presented with an intermediate page displaying a generic OpenAthens box (federation of which the UCP is a member and that promotes this new access modality), in which they must use the institutional login and search for Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

In the event that users initiate their searches through different platforms, such as Google Scholar, the Libraries recommend that, once on the page of each publisher or content provider, they identify the institution-specific authentication option to search for Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Requests for support can be made in person or be submitted to

For questions related to Office 365 credentials provided by UCP, users should contact IT support through the email address