Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Lisboa, Porto and Braga campi have a smart charging service available to the community, the result of a strategic partnership between Católica and Mota-Engil Renewing. 

  • On the Lisbon campus, there are four 22kw/hour charging stations at the entrance of the outdoor parking; 
  • On the Porto campus, there are two charging posts of 22kw/hour in the faculty car park and two charging posts of 11kw/hour, on level -1 of the Restoration Building car park; 
  • On the Braga campus, you can find 4 charging points of 11kw/hour, in the park at the entrance of the campus.

The OPC tariffs of the Católica charging stations are among the most competitive in the surrounding areas. The average OPC tariff in the areas surrounding the campi is €0.029 per minute for an 11 kW station and €0.031 per minute for a 22 kW station. Taking into account the average charging power of an electric vehicle in normal power stations (AC), when you charge at Católica you will benefit from an OPC rate equivalent to 0.015 €/minute.

In addition, there is a special convenience tariff for Smart Charging in the different campi. The special OPC tariff allows a more convenient rate per energy (kWh) to be charged for the first 4 hours of charging, after which a rate per time (minute) is charged.

The tariff for electric charging is made up of the following components:

  • The component relating to charging the vehicle, CEME tariff, according to the contract you have established with your Supplier (CEME);
  • The charge for using the recharging points, OPC tariff, which is shown in the charging station;
  • The portion of rates and taxes, defined by the Portuguese State, namely: special tax on electricity consumption (IEC) and value-added tax (IVA);
  • Other services that may be provided.

For more information, in detail, please consult the Mobi.e tariff structure.

On average, vehicles drive about 40 km/day in a city and, in the case of electric vehicles, they require about 8-10 kWh (energy) to achieve their daily autonomy. Depending on the charging capacity of the vehicle, which varies from brand to brand, the charging time required to achieve this average daily autonomy can vary from 20 to 60 minutes at a 22 kW station and from 40 to 120 minutes at an 11 kW station.

The best-fit charging solution for the various UCP campi comprises charging powers of 11kW and 22kW. With 22 kW charging, all-electric vehicles can take advantage of their maximum AC charging capacity.  However, most electric vehicles do not reach charging powers of 22 kW (internal limitation of EVs), and there is a market trend towards charging powers of 11 kW.

All charging stations on the campi are connected to the public network Mobi.e. This facilitates access for all electric vehicle users in a universal way, allowing the use of a single card for charging, both in public and private spaces, including the University campi.


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