Rector's Team (2020 - 2024)

The Rector is responsible for the academic and administrative running of the university. She is supported by one or more vice-rectors.

The university's statutes establish that the headquarters are in Lisbon. Therefore, the Rector's Office is located on the Palma de Cima campus, although the Rector regularly visits the Regional Centres to chair ceremonies, academic events and meetings, and to stay in contact with students, teachers and staff at the various centres.


The name of the Rector is proposed by the High Chancellor to the Congregation for Catholic Education, considering opinions from the Portuguese Bishops' Conference and the university's Board of Trustees. She has a four-year renewable mandate.

The vice-rectors are appointed by the High Chancellor, following proposals by the Rector. Their mandates cease at the same time as that of the Rector.


Professor Isabel Maria de Oliveira Capeloa Gil


Professor Peter Hanenberg
Professor Isabel Vasconcelos
Professor Miguel Athayde Marques
Professor José Manuel Pereira de Almeida
Professor Fernando Ferreira Pinto
Professor Margarida Mano


Professor Aires Pereira do Couto
Professor João Duque
Professor Isabel Braga da Cruz


Dr. Helena Brissos de Almeida