Principles, Impact and Interdisciplinarity

Learn about the guiding principles, the impact, and the interdisciplinarity nature of Universidade Católica Portuguesa's research.

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Creating Future Today

Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) is a research-oriented University characterized by a humanistic vision, committed to contributing to the knowledge and well-being of society. It is a Nationwide University with 4 regional Campi (Lisbon, Porto, Braga and Viseu), with strong intersectorial ties with the surrounding regions, according to a coherent development strategy. In addition to its commitment to fundamental research, UCP is also recognized for the social impact of its research agenda and for its contribution to policy making, aligned with the UN's sustainable development goals. Under the UCP Research Strategy 2021-2025, UCP intends to foster interdisciplinary and cross-cutting research. Therefore, UCP will preferentially develop work linking disciplines in order to address complex social challenges.

UCP is committed to fostering a motivating and productive research environment anchored in diversity and equality. It is also committed to providing ample opportunities that involve all faculty and researchers regardless of nationality, ethnicity, class or gender. Over the past 50 years, Católica has worked to promote relevant and valuable research in different fields and disciplines, establishing itself at the forefront of scientific and technological progress and seeking to consolidate an academic community based on the principles of truth and respect for human dignity and diversity. Through its Research and higher education activities, UCP generates knowledge and qualified professionals who are able to interact and respond to the multifaceted challenges of our global world.

Building bridges between research and society

Universidade Católica Portuguesa is a leading research institution. In addition to its commitment to fundamental research, UCP is recognized for the social impact of its research agenda and its contribution to policy-making.

UCP is privately funded and recognized by the Portuguese State as an autonomous university institution of public utility. Research at UCP is organized into Research Units (R&D Units) and Associated Laboratories, following the National Scientific System implemented by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). Under this model, UCP has been successful in securing competitive national funding for its Units, having an Associated Laboratory and several Social Sciences Research Units recognized with the Seal of Excellence by the internationally competitive evaluation carried out by FCT.

CAtólica REsearch (CARE) is a forum that intends to cultivate and stimulate an interdisciplinary environment among the research and development units, as well as between CARE and other national and international entities and institutions from various research areas.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is a key element in developing more in-depth and at the same time more comprehensive responses to address the major issues and challenges facing societies today.

By taking a multi-perspective approach, interdisciplinary research can address problems and provide solutions to a broader range of business, industry and societal realities, contributing to regional, national and international development that is driven by knowledge.