Support to the academic community

Social Support

Universidade Católica Portuguesa develops social solidarity practices aimed at promoting social justice and the development of a participatory spirit in all members of the academic community. The University wants to contribute to the integration of all those who are able and willing to be its students. To that end, it provides various forms of Social Support.

Mental health

The mental health and well-being of students on campus is an ever-present concern.

There are several initiatives conducted by services, faculties and students' associations and groups, such as the psychological consultation that is made available to all students, through a very experienced and dedicated team of Psychologists.

All together we want to identify the best way to look after each other!


PROTEUS - Promoting Success in University

Aware of the challenges students face in adapting to higher education, as well as the growing drop-out rate in the first year of their degree, the Faculty of Human Sciences created the PROTEUS Office - Promoting Success in University.

The PROTEUS Office aims to support the academic life of UCP students by implementing a set of mechanisms to promote their success, facilitating their transition, integration and adaptation to this level of education.

PROTEUS is based at UCP's headquarters in Lisbon and provides individualised, confidential and free support to students in various situations of adaptation to higher education.

To book an appointment, send an e-mail to