UCP Quality System (UCP QS)

“The quality of an institution is reflected in the adequacy of the services it provides in relation to the mission it aims to develop.

To achieve its mission, an Institution defines what activities it must pursue, what resources it will use, how it will accomplish it and what results it intends to achieve. The Quality System (QS) of Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) aims to respond to HEIs’ need for management systems that enable them to deal with the internal and external complexities in which they operate, in accordance with the institution’s strategic planning and its implementation, and ensuring the introduction of needed improvements, identified through close monitoring.

UCP’s Quality System (UCP QS) is committed to transparency, to respond to requests from government entities and sector regulators and, above all, to be accountable to society in general.”

Margarida Mano
Vice-Rector for UCP’s QS