Individual Government Bodies

High Chancellor

The High Chancellor is, by definition, the Patriarch of Lisbon. His aim is to: promote scientific activity; promote the progress of knowledge of faith and the evangelical deepening of Christian life within UCP; present the President for appointment to the Congregation of Catholic Education; preside over the Board of Governors; appoint Vice-Rectors, Presidents of Regional Centres and Directors of basic units; approve the remaining appointments to executive positions; confer mandate or nihil obstat to professors and other instructors; and to authorise contracts with the teaching and research staff as well as their dismissal. Lastly, the High Chancellor also aims to sanction the deliberations on staff, remuneration tables and budgets and approve the approval of management accounts.


The Rector

The Rector is responsible for the academic and administrative running of the university. He is appointed by the Congregation for Catholic Education, following a proposal from the High Chancellor and with the approval of the Board of Trustees and the Portuguese Bishops’ Conference. He shall represent the university in all official situations, including in court. He has a four-year renewable mandate. During the performance of his duties, the Rector is assisted by one or more Vice-Rectors, the Rectors Council and the Financial Management Council.