Deans of Faculties

The academic units - designated as School, Faculties or Institutes - are educational and research units with self-governing bodies.

Each of the Academic Units is run by its Dean, the Management Council and the Academic Council.




Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics

Professor Filipe Santos

Faculty of Human Sciences

Professor Nelson Ribeiro

Católica | Lisbon School of Law

Professor Jorge Pereira da Silva

Faculty of Theology

Professor Ana Jorge

Institute of Health Sciences

Professor Alexandre Castro Caldas

Institute of Political Studies

Professor João Carlos Espada

Higher Institute for Canon Law

Professor João Seabra


Católica Porto Business School

Professor Sofia Salgado

Faculty of Biotechnology

Professor Isabel Vasconcelos

Faculty of Education and Psychology

Professor Pedro Dias

Faculty of Law - Escola do Porto

Professor Manuel Fontaine de Campos

Faculty of Theology

Prof. Doutor António Abel Rodrigues Canavarro (Deputy Director)

Institute of Bioethics

Professor Ana Sofia Carvalho

Institute of Health Sciences

Professor Margarida Vieira  (Deputy Director)

School of Arts

Professor Nuno Crespo


Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences

Professor José Lopes

Faculty of Theology

Prof. Doutor Luís Miguel Figueiredo Rodrigues (Deputy Director)


Department of Economics, Management and Social Sciences

Professor Paulo Pereira

Institute of Health Sciences

Professor Marlene Barros (Deputy Director)