Useful information for UCP employees

Questions & Answers

Yes. According to Article 4 of the Resolução de Conselho de Ministros nº 40-A/2020 of May 29, risk groups, people with a degree of disability of 60% or more and employees with children under 12 years of age may request to remain in remote work, as long as they meet the conditions indicated in the above mentioned legislation.

Any doubts about belonging to risk groups can be clarified with DRH, namely through advice from Occupational Medicine.

Yes, it is mandatory to wear masks according to the DGS instructions, completely protecting the nose and mouth.

Masks will be made available by UCP to members of the Academic Community. A mask will be given at the entrance of the University buildings, to those who present themselves without a mask.

With the beginning of the new academic year, the entire University will reopen, and all buildings and parking lots will be open.

Members of the academic community who go to the upper floors of any of the buildings should use the stairs whenever
possible, rather than the elevators. The elevators can be used by people unable to go up or down stairs and to move heavy loads, and they will be disinfected frequently.

When using the elevators, the maximum capacity and the posted instructions must be observed. When using the stairs, avoid touching the handrails and other objects. When circulating always keep on the right side.

In the corridors, you should also always stay to the right, avoiding crossing paths with other people.

The Human Resources Department recommends the adoption of the following measures:

  • Control body temperature every day before leaving home and watch for symptoms. If you have any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 infection, you should stay at home and call 808 24 24 24 (SNS24), informing about your health condition, following the guidelines that will be indicated, in parallel, you should notify the human resources department through the number (+351) 21 721 41 66.
  • Maintain social distance (2 meters) and always wear a mask;
  • Maintain frequent hand hygiene; use an alcohol-based antiseptic solution whenever necessary;
  • Do not share instruments and work equipment without first hygienizing them;
  • Follow the rules of respiratory etiquette;
  • Minimize the use/circulation of paper, prioritizing digital media when possible (e.g. internal mail);
  • To register your entry and exit, when working in person, you should always use the registration at the GIP Portal on your computer instead of the biometric registration on the equipment present at the headquarters;
  • At the end of the working day, leave your workplace clean and tidy to make it easier to clean it.

Working spaces shall be at least 1/3 occupied and the distance between workstations shall not be less than 2 metres. The schedules defined for the various teams must be respected in order to reduce the number of users in each space.

It is important that indoor workplaces are ventilated, preferably by strengthening natural ventilation, which should be ensured, where possible, at least twice a day (e.g. at lunchtime and at the end of the day).

Acrylic partitions have been placed in the locals with public attendance.

Meetings should continue to be held through digital channels, both with external elements and with employees and teachers present at the University.

If this is not possible, they can only be held in compliance with safety rules, keeping a distance of 2 meters and always wearing a mask.