R&D and PhD Programmes

Research Training and Teaching — A Collaborative Approach

At Universidade Católica Portuguesa research and teaching go hand-in-hand in a collaborative fashion. The PhD programmes are elemental tools at the core of the Research & Development activities carried out by the Research Units. The UCP PhD programmes are simultaneously a reflection of the pathways the University and its Research Units deem most relevant, comprehensive, and inclusive for the early on engagement of doctoral students in research training activities conducted within the scope of the Research Unit connected to the PhD programme the student is enrolled in.

PhD programme students are invited to take part in general collective research and professional projects done in tandem with other national and international Research Centres and Universities as well as in cooperation with non-academic partner institutions in Portugal and abroad. UCP’s Research Units seek to consolidate the relationship between theoretical reflection and practice in all sectors and fields covered by the Research and Teaching Units at UCP.

This hand-in-hand approach seeks to generate a collaborative and inter-institutional network which may function as a multi-directional fueling agent for the testing of new methodologies in the production of knowledge and the creation of new research opportunities.