Double and Joint degrees

Diplomas Duplos e Conjuntos - alunos com chapéus de finalistas

Universidade Católica Portuguesa runs Double Title Programmes and Joint Graduate Programmes in partnership with international higher education institutions.

The Double Title Programmes are designed for students undertaking a period of studies at the UCP and another period in a partner school, correspondingly obtaining two diplomas, while the Joint Graduate Programmes are developed by two or more international universities that award a joint diploma that is officially recognised by the different partner universities.

UCP runs the following Double Title and Joint Graduate Programmes:

Management and Economics

MSc in Economics

MSc in Finance

MSc in International Management

International Undergraduate Programme:

The Lisbon MBA

MSc in Management w/ Specialization in Business Analytics 

Double Degree with Lancaster University School of Management


Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

MA in Governance, Leadership and Democracy Studies

International Doctoral Program in Culture Studies

Doutoramento Inter-Universitário em História



L.L.M. in International Business Law


Health and Technology

PhD programme in Food Science and Technology and Nutrition

MSc in Sustainable Management of Food Quality