Erasmus+ Grants

The National Agency of Erasmus+ Education and Training (AN) awards mobility grants that seek to complement the coverage of expenditure resulting from the time spent in another country and hence are not considered study grants. These grants are designed for the two types of student exchange: study and internship.

The amount awarded depends on the table published annually by the AN. The amounts vary in accordance with the categorisation of each country into three groups according to their respective standards of living (high, medium, and low), are fixed, and include the cost of traveling. The distribution and management of grants are carried out by the UCP Department of International Relations.

To apply for an Erasmus Grant, students need to formalize their application through the International Relations Office of their respective academic units.

Supplementary Grants for Students with Disadvantaged Background

It is possible to award supplementary grants to students with proven financial difficulties. In order to be eligible, students need to be in receipt of support from DGES – the General Directorate of Higher Education, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

The application for this financial award takes place at the time of the application for the Erasmus Grant. The information is subsequently processed by the University Support Services.

Grands for Students with Special Needs

To guarantee the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus Programme, there are provisions for supplementary grants for students with medically proven special needs – physical, mental, or health.

When an Erasmus Grant, students should indicate whether they have any special needs. The information is subsequently processed and the application – which should include medical records and a forecast of the costs – is sent to the National Agency by the UCP Department of International Relations.

Reimbursement of Paid Grants

If the mobility period is interrupted (partial withdrawal), the AN determines the return of the amount corresponding to the months not attended except in cases of circumstances beyond individual control (force majeure), duly justified, documented, and accepted by the AN.  Should you verify any of the following circumstances: a) non-completion of a minimum period of study of two months; b) total withdrawal; c) failure to pass the academic subjects, the process will lead to the full return of the grant.

Despite students being exempt from paying for fees, enrolment charges, or examinations at their destination universities, they are to continue making such payments at their host university, including registration charges, fees, and others.

China Three Gorges

In 2017 UCP celebrated an agreement with China Three Gorges (CTG) foreseeing the attribution of scholarships for masters or doctorate Programmes in China in all areas of knowledge, creating a unique opportunity for the UCP students.

The scholarships are intended for recent graduates of the UCP who want to deepen their knowledge of Chinese culture and are admitted by a Chinese university.

A maximum of 2 scholarships will be awarded per year, with each scholarship corresponding to the maximum amount of total funding of € 25,000 for two academic years.

The application period for 2021 is officially closed. Due to the climate of uncertainty related to the evolution of the emergency situation caused by the new coronavirus, there may be a later reassessment of the grant attribution and respective conditions.


CTG Scholarship Regulations