Suit and Tie

The top levels of education gained at the UCP, coupled with the constant attention the University pays to the evolution of the skills and competences required by the labour market, contribute to the high rates of employability attained by its students. UCP currently has an employment rate of 97.5% (2020) for Undergraduate Degrees and Integrated Masters.

Students receive at Católica a continuous and supportive follow-up from the career development offices of their respective Academic Units, with initiatives promoting interactions between students and companies, including job fairs, employability workshops, on-campus company events, summer internships, among others.

In addition to the support of career offices, the Alumni and Mentoring Programs contribute towards learning about the professional world, thereby streamlining inclusion in the labour market.

The UCP counts many leading professionals across various private and public institutions, nationally and internationally, among its alumni. The University prides itself on the skills and life projects developed by its students, which ensure they have the highest professional prospects. In fact, the unemployment rate of Católica's undergraduate programs and integrated master's programs is 2.5%, a figure that is well below 3.5% and 3.9%, from the public and private higher education institutions, respectively. Source: Portal Infocursos, database June 2020, unemployed graduates in 2019 in relation to the total of graduates 2014/15 - 2017/18).