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The Católica Medical School Library’s mission is to support and strengthen the teaching and learning processes, research and simple search carried out within the scope of the School activities, as well as serving the community of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, particularly in the context of Medicine, but also Health Sciences in general. It aims to contribute to the intellectual growth and creativity of each individual, to develop a collection capable of stimulate and serve its user’s needs, and to provide access to information resources that support their interests, preferences and abilities. Training for the effective use of these resources and the development of information and digital literacy skills are also a main concern. In line with the needs arising from the adoption of the Problem-based Learning (PBL) methodology, the CMS Library will seek to provide well-equipped and functional physical spaces that promote collective and individual learning, as well as explore and implement innovative technologies and services, in order to provide the necessary information resources to its users anytime and anywhere.

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4175 (180 physically + 3995 e-books)

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Other features available: photocopier, printer, scanner