The Research Centre for Human Development (CEDH) was officially created in 2013 aiming to foster research with impact on human development from the perspectives of Psychology and Education. CEDH's mission is to contribute to the scientific community and to the overall society in four dimensions of human development: Health Justice and human rights Education and Work.
Since 2013 CEDH has shown great progress in terms of infrastructure research team and scientific activity. The Centre has currently 28 integrated researchers who have access to the Human Neurobehavioral Laboratory to the facilities of the Psychology University Clinic ( ) and to the Education Support and Improvement Service.
In the last 5 years despite the research team youth (48% of the integrated researchers were awarded their PhD's in the last 5 years) the funding capacity has been noteworthy both in the amount and in the diversity of funding programs (e.g. FCT BIAL H2020). Moreover from 2013 to 2017 CEDH's researchers organised about 200 scientific events presented more than 500 papers in conferences and published 595 books book chapters and articles.
For 2018-2022 CEDH presents 6 strategic goals: to strengthen the organisation and infrastructure to empower the research team to increase funding to increase the scientific activity on technological innovation to improve the quality and international impact of research outputs and to improve the communication of research findings to the overall society.

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