UCP’s strong commitment to the strengthening of its position as a research university is also mirrored by the increase of external and competitive funding that UCP has been able to garner for the past years.

Such external and competitive funding includes PhD and post-doc fellowships and research grants from several national and international entities, as well as project funding from both private and public national and international entities.

UCP’s research competitiveness is attested by this general increase of external funding it has attracted over the past years, and which is significantly due to an increase in research grants as well as in international funding sources.


R&D fellowships and grants:

The total amount of funding regarding Phd and postdoc fellowships and research grants has registered an increase of 60% when comparing the numbers relative to 2015 with those relative to 2017. This growth is much due to the rise in the number and respective funding amount of research grants which account for around 80% of the total increase.

Funding sources:

Throughout the past three years (2015-2017), UCP has recorded increasing amounts of funding from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, from other national sources as well as from international sources. The international funding amount for 2017 was almost four times the amount recorded in 2015. In overall numbers, the total funding amount of 2017 registered an increase of 45% when compared to 2015.