Católica and Figures

Católica is a renowned institution in Portugal, with an excellent reputation, the highest standards of research, training, and a strong connection to society.

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4 Centres: Lisbon (Headquarters), Porto, Braga and Viseu


12 634 Students (Degree-Granting Programmes)
7 549 Postgraduate Students (Non-Degree-Granting Programmes)


1 058 Faculty
225 International Faculty

Degrees Awarded

43 299 Undergraduate
18 648 Masters
956 Doctoral

Study Cycles

37 Undergraduate
66 Masters
25 Doctoral

Teaching Units

17 Basic Teaching Units, 3 of them with extensions in several UCP locations:

  • Católica Lisbon School of Business Economics (Lisbon)
  • Faculty of Humanities (Lisbon)
  • Faculty of Health Sciences and Nursing (Former Institute of Health Sciences. Lisbon, Porto)
  • Faculty of Law - School of Lisbon; School of Porto; Católica Global School of Law
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine (Viseu)
  • Faculty of Theology (Lisbon, Porto, Braga)
  • Institute of Political Studies (Lisbon)
  • Higher Institute of Canon Law (Lisbon)
  • Católica Porto Business School (Porto)
  • School of Arts (Porto)
  • School of Biotechnology (Porto)
  • Faculty of Education and Psychology (Porto)
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences (Braga)
  • Department of Economics, Management and Social Sciences (Viseu)
  • Católica Medical School (Sintra)
  • Católica Doctoral School


15 Research Units
1 296 Researchers
9 903 Scientific Publications
79 Patents


2 087 International Students
763 Mobility Protocols
108 Nationalities

Programs fully taught in English

2 Undergraduate
18 Masters
7 Doctoral

Grants and awards

2 705 Grants and prizes awarded
€ 5.035,504 Merit-based grants, social support and awards


Católica has top positions in several international universities rankings such as Times Higher Education World University Rankings for the 4th consecutive year.

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