Católica and Figures

Católica is a renowned institution in Portugal, with an excellent reputation, the highest standards of research, training, and a strong connection to society.

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4 Centres: Lisbon (Headquarters), Porto, Braga and Viseu


11 480 Students (Degree-Granting Programmes)
7 549 Postgraduate Students (Non Degree-Granting Programmes)


993 Faculty
222 International Faculty

Degrees Awarded

40 398 Undergraduated
15 553 Masters
852 Doctoral

Study Cicles

35 Undergraduated
66 Masters
25 Doctoral

Teaching Units

17 Basic Teaching Units, 3 of them with extensions in several UCP locations:

  • Católica Lisbon School of Business Economics (Lisbon)
  • Faculty of Humanities (Lisbon)
  • Faculty of Law - School of Lisbon; School of Porto; Católica Global School of Law
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine (Viseu)
  • Faculty of Theology (Lisbon, Porto, Braga)
  • Institute of Health Sciences (Lisbon, Porto)
  • Institute of Political Studies (Lisbon)
  • Higher Institute of Canon Law (Lisbon)
  • Católica Porto Business School (Porto)
  • School of Arts (Porto)
  • School of Biotechnology (Porto)
  • Faculty of Education and Psychology (Porto)
  • Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences (Braga)
  • Department of Economics, Management and Social Sciences (Viseu)
  • Católica Medical School (Sintra)
  • Católica Doctoral School


15 Research Units
1 313 Researchers
7 072 Scientific Publications
52 Patents


2 669 International Students
742 Mobility Protocols
99 Nationalities

Programs fully taught in English

4 Undergraduated
27 Masters
6 Doctoral

Grants and awards

2 454 Students who received financial support
€ 5.379,498  Merit-based grants, social support and awards

Nobel Prize

D. Ximenes Belo, alumnus of Universidade Católica Portuguesa (Faculty of Theology)


Católica has top positions in several international universities rankings such as Times Higher Education World University Rankings for the 3rd consecutive year

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