Lisbon - Headquarters

The campus of Palma de Cima extends over an area of about 37,000 m2, plus a separate area of approximately 12,000 m2, which will be briefly built.

There are three buildings, in an area of 43,000 square meters, which include classrooms, auditoriums, computer rooms, the John Paul II University Library, the Rectory, administrative and school services, a Congress Center, bars, canteens and restaurant, associative and social spaces, the bookstore, the stationery store and copy centre.

The Universidade Católica Portuguesa in its different campi is a university open to the community. In the Palma de Cima campus, the access to the buildings as well as to all the surrounding areas, such as gardens and green areas is free. Access to the following services is also free: Bookshop, Library and exhibitions.

Within the campus, pedestrian circulation is privileged, with pathways connecting the different areas of the university.

Edifício4 Reitoria Lisboa(Sede) longe

Palma de Cima,
1649-023 Lisboa , Portugal


11 Auditoriums

1 Restaurant

2 Canteen

2 Studios

2 Nursing Labs

1 Book and Stationery Shop

1 Library

3 Bars

1 Chapel

1 Female Student Housing

3 Parking Areas



764, 755 e 768


Cidade Universitária 


Jardim Zoológico


Estação de Sete Rios


N 38º 44' 51,11'' 

W 9º 10' 1,84''