As a research university, one of UCP’s main goals is to increment the added value of the knowledge created and developed at its Research Units by transferring said knowledge to business, industry, and cultural enterprises. Those processes of transfer are conducted via the establishment of interfaces - the Knowledge Transfer and Consulting Units - that act as bridge builders between science and non-academic institutions. By fostering an active interaction between the University and Companies, UCP aims at developing sustainable collaborative dynamics contributing to regional and national development.

Within its different branches of scientific fields, UCP seeks to:

  • Provide scientific consulting services;
  • Offer research-based solutions to businesses and non-commercial entities;
  • Establish cooperation projects with entities of the technological, business, industrial, artistic, and cultural sectors;
  • Aid in the creation of spin-off companies;
  • Manage intellectual property;
  • Collaborate with national and international entities and networks.

For more information go to Universidade Católica Portuguesa Knowledge Transfer and Consulting Units.