Special Collections

Over the years, the Libraries of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa have received archival funds and antique books collections, donated by institutions and individuals, guided by different reasons, in the expectation that they are properly preserved, depicted, disseminated and consulted. The nature of these funds, whether from the point of view of their documental typology, or their scientific and historical framework, is very heterogeneous, as well as their state of conservation.

  • Headquarters Library: there are several collections of antique books, namely, Nunciatura Apostólica, Seminário da Buraca, Colégio dos Inglesinhos, Sociedade Científica de Göerres, Martins de Carvalho, António Sardinha, which cover themes related to History, Theology, Philosophy or even Law. With regard to archival funds, the António Sardinha, Campos Pereira, Cónego Falcão, João Franco, Rodrigues Cavalheiro, Ruy Cinnaty nuclei can be mentioned, as well as extensive documentation related to the “Ação Social Democrata Independente (ASDI)”, the “Processo Revolucionário em Curso (PREC)” and the “Adesão de Portugal à CEE”.
  • Porto Regional Centre Library: highlighting the antique book fund, especially in the areas of Theology and Law, published between 1619 and 1806. There are also two significant archive cores, namely, Maestro Ivo Cruz, consisting of produced documentation, collected and preserved by the conductor throughout his personal and professional life, and Dalila Pereira da Costa that congregates documentation produced and collected by her, but also by her family members;
  • Libraries of the Braga Regional Centre: general fund of antique books consisting of approximately 10,000 copies distributed in different areas of knowledge, such as Canon Law, Oratory, Philosophy, Literature and History, as well as some special collections of considerable size, especially the Isabel and Luís Couto dos Santos and Francisco Videira Pires funds;
  • Library of the Viseu Regional Centre: essentially constituted by two antique book funds, Padre Fino and Dr. José Coelho, the first being the most expressive in terms of its dimension, covering works in the areas of Theology, Literature, History or Philosophy, being that the oldest book dates back to 1554.

For more information about the special collections of the Libraries of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, or to consult the aforementioned funds, contact the corresponding Library.”