User Training

The UCP Libraries provide regular training plans for their users, which aim to enable them to efficiently use all kind of resources as well as to acquire other information and digital literacy skills. Registrations can be made from each user's personal area or through their Library's general contacts.

Teachers may also request specific training initiatives for their students about any information resource. These requests should be sent to the responsible for each Library for deliberation and scheduling.


Reference and Research

The reference and research service is a personalized support offered to users, aiming to guide and empower them in the processes of research, manage and use of information resources, both physical and electronic.

This service can be provided in several ways: in person (even by appointment), by e-mail, by telephone, or through the Bibliographic Catalog which offers features specifically designed for this purpose.


Research Support

The UCP Libraries provide support to researchers at various stages of the scientific research process, including clarification of national and European Open Access and Research Data policies; recommendation for publication and use of information; monitoring of the deposit of publications and research data; impact assessment and scope of scientific production.

This service also provides training by request or invitation to researchers and science managers in the following areas: researcher profiles, indexed journals and their metrics, publishing in Open Access, use and reuse of information, predatory publishers, among others.


Home loan service

The UCP Libraries provide the home loan service, but only for items available for this purpose. This service also contemplates the possibility of requesting items that are in any UCP Library, nevertheless, the request must be analyzed by the Library to which it belongs, and may contemplate transportation costs for the user in cases of urgency.

All conditions for using the home loan service are explained in the UCP Libraries Regulations, namely, loan terms and limits, renewals, bookings, penalties for late returns, and compensation for loss or damage.


Interlibrary loan

Through the interlibrary loan service, users can get access to items from other libraries, both domestic and foreign. These requests can be made through the personal area of each user or, exceptionally, by email or in person at the service desk of each Library.

The costs inherent to this service are advertised in each Library at the reception desk and in the personal area of ​​each user in the Bibliographic Catalog, in the section for the interlibrary loan service.


Cultural extension

UCP Libraries regularly organize cultural and scientific initiatives, such as bibliographic exhibitions, art shows, debates and workshops, among others, individually or in cooperation with internal and external entities.

Usually, the participation in these initiatives is open to all persons regardless of whether they are members of the UCP academic community or not.


Group Work Offices

UCP Libraries provide their students, teachers, and researchers access to the group offices, when available, ensuring respect for their maximum capacity. You can ask for one of these offices at the reception desk of each Library, bringing your UCP identification card.

The user who requests the office is responsible for the conservation of the space, equipment, supervision of the key/access card and existing furniture, and in the event of damage or misuse, will be responsible for the cost of repairing the damage.

Users are also responsible for their personal belongings, and the Library cannot be held responsible for any damage or theft.



UCP Libraries ensure the acquisition, technical treatment, and availability of new information resources, like books or journals, suggested by internal users, once they have academic relevance. These requests must be made from the personal area of each user in the Bibliographic Catalog.

It should be noted that the suggestions will be submitted to the appreciation of a teacher identified by the respective Academic Unit and, if the evaluation is positive, the item will be acquired and made available in the corresponding Library collection.


Photocopy and scan

Users may copy and digitize (if the Library makes this kind of equipment available) physical resources available in direct access, in strict compliance with the Copyright and Related Rights.

In some Libraries, the reproduction, copy or digitization, of part of any reserved item may only be performed by their collaborators, constituting a service available to the entire community, upon payment of the associated costs.