Research Impact

Building Bridges Between Research and Society

Universidade Católica Portuguesa is a leading research and development institution. In addition to the commitment to fundamental research, the University is recognized for the social and economic impact of its research agenda and for its contribution to the formulation of policies.

UCP is privately funded and recognized by the Portuguese State as an autonomous university institution of public utility. Research at the University is organized into Research Centres (R&D Units) and Associate Laboratories, following the National Scientific System implemented by the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT). Within this model, the University has been successful in guaranteeing competitive national funding for its units, boasting an Associate Laboratory and several research centres in the Social Sciences recognized with the Excellence Seal by the competitive international evaluation carried out by FCT.

An overview of Católica's research main data, such as the number of researchers and research units, publications, scientific prizes, patents, and university-industry interface projects, as well as cultural and artistic outcomes, conferences and seminars, and international research networks are summarized in the infographics bellow.