Interdisciplinary Research

Interdisciplinary projects at CAtólica REsearch (CARE)

CAtólica REsearch (CARE) is a forum that aims at cultivating and stimulating an interdisciplinary environment amongst all of its Research and Development Units as well as between CARE and other national and international entities and institutions of diversified fields of research and activity.

Interdisciplinary collaboration is a key element in the development of more in-depth and simultaneously more comprehensive answers to deal with the broader-scope issues and challenges that societies are faced with nowadays.

By embracing a multi-perspectival approach, interdisciplinary research can tackle problems from and present solutions to a larger array of different aspects of business, industry, and societal realities, contributing thus to knowledge-driven regional, national, and international development.

A few examples of interdisciplinary collaborative projects at UCP are:

Colab DTx

DTx logo

Universidade Católica Portuguesa is one of three universities involved in the application of CoLAB DTx - Digital Transformation: experiencing the future, led by Universidade do Minho and recently approved by FCT.

For the definitive recognition of this CoLAB, the partners must be members of the non-profit association Laboratório Colaborativo em Transformação Digital - DTx, in the case of UCP, as an associate member.

UCP takes part in this project via the following R&D Units: CEPCEP, CECC, CUBE, CITAR, and CCD.

Laboratório Colaborativo DTx’s mission is to research new paradigms of development of material technologies, hardware, and software within the scope of conceiving of products and services and their varied interfaces with professional and social processes at large, studying the subsequent organizational, cultural, social, and behavioral changes, through the collaboration between academia and industry.

UCP’s participation will be exactly in that domain and it will allow for the network of collaborations with relevant partners to be broadened, namely in the business sector, which is represented at the DTx by companies such as Bosch, Accenture, Embraer, IKEA, NOS, Primavera, Simoldes, WeDo, etc.

CoLab DTx will have the opportunity to access funds that will allow for the development of research in the field as well as for the establishment of relevant partnerships.


REVIJ project 

Reparation to the victim in the European Juvenile Justice Systems: Comparative analysis and transfer of best practices




Cynara Innovation for best Cheese