Support in the Publication of Research Outputs on the UCP Portals

The UCP Libraries provide a set of support services in the publication of scientific production on the University's portals, namely:

Ciência-UCP is a scientific information management system. This platform allows the gathering of all scientific activities and publications in a single system, making it possible to manage and consolidate all the information, as well as to produce reports based on this data. 

The UCP Libraries are available to carry out training actions aimed at researchers or science managers of the Research Units. Reports on the activities and scientific publications of the Units can also be requested. 


- Ciência UCP – Profile management

- Ciência-UCP – Good Practices (PT)

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The Institutional Repository (Veritati) aims to disseminate scientific production, complying with the Open Access policies of funding agencies. This portal also makes it possible to view Download and Queries metrics by document and Units. 

If you want to deposit your scientific production, with UCP affiliation, you must insert it in Ciência-UCP, as long as it complies with the Open Access policies. If you no longer belong to the UCP, you can forward scientific production with UCP affiliation to

The UCP Libraries have been developing a project to consolidate the identity of authors in the Repository, allowing the unequivocal identification of their scientific production. If you identify scientific production not associated with your profile, contact

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The UCP Libraries are open to proposals for the integration of active or discontinued scientific journals, or new editorial projects, as long as they are published by Academic or Research Units of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa. 

The journals that integrate the Scientific Journals of Universidade Católica Portuguesa Portal receive support in managing the editorial process, from submission to publication, compliance with international good practices and support in indexing.

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The UCP Libraries assign DOI (Digital Object Identifier) identifiers for research outputs (e.g.: books, book chapters, conference contributions, audiovisual, software, among other types), provided that it has Academic or Research Units of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa as its organization/coordination.

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