Cultural Activities

The UCP's Libraries provide a diverse cultural agenda, aimed at different audiences and open to all who want to participate. It is comprised into bibliographical exhibitions, conferences, exhibitions of various artistic expressions, such as photography, painting and performance, to reference the most common, also providing participation in thematic workshops. 

These initiatives are articulated with the academic community, through challenges that we receive or make to Faculties and Research Units, as well as to our students, through student and alumni associations. All these activities, whether institutional or in partnership with national cultural agents, seek to be a space for meeting, sharing, and experiencing a cultural atmosphere that is intended to be dynamic and creative. 

Through bibliographical exhibitions, we seek to adapt the response to commemorations of personalities and current topics, which are unavoidable, making known the richness and heterogeneity of the bibliographic background, including the special collections that have restricted access. Many of these activities are carried out in partnership with embassies, educational and cultural institutions that challenge us due to the particular nature of our fund, and can cohabit with a conference, an art exhibition, or a workshop. 

The conferences we hold are carried out in a dynamic partnership but are based on a more academic and scientific approach that promotes the ecumenism of knowledge. 

With the thematic workshops we aim to provide a less academic and more informal experience, which can be related to a bibliographic exhibition or be completely autonomous, but which can encompass the academic community in a more comprehensive way.