Library and Information Management

Our mission is to provide the necessary resources to the University Community so that it can fulfill its objectives in the fields of study, teaching, research and relations with the community, as well as promote the development of skills in research, localization, access and organization of information.

Due to the specificity of the collection and the responsibilities signed with entities outside the University, the Library has autonomous collections with their own documentary background. Organizationally, however, access and services are controlled in an integrated manner by the Library.

Major areas of knowledge: Phylosophy; Psychology; Theology; Economy, Management; Law; Arts; Nursing; Biotechnology;


Number of titles: 70.530;

Number of periodicals: 1.428;

Special collections: Ângelo Alves; Braga da Cruz; Guerra Junqueiro; Leonardo Coimbra; Dalila Pereira da Costa; Maestro Manuel Ivo Cruz; European Documentation Center;

Number of seats: 145;

Number of search terminals: 7;

Other available resources: printers;

Number of study offices (individual or in group): not available at the moment;