Special Collections

Over the years, institutions and individuals have donated archival and old book collections to the Universidade Católica Portuguesa Libraries with the intention that they will be carefully kept, catalogued, shared, and consulted. The nature of these funds, both in terms of their documentary type and their scientific and historical foundation, as well as their state of preservation, are highly variable.


João Paulo II University Library (Lisbon) 

Ação Social Democrata Independente - ASDI (archive)

Accession of Portugal to the European Communities (archive)

António Sardinha (special collection and archive)

Campos Pereira (special collection and archive)

Colégio dos Inglesinhos (special collection)

Cónego Falcão (special collection)

Eduardo Coelho (special collection and archive)

Göerres Scientific Society (special collection)

Human Rights European Court: 2011-2020 (archive)

João Franco (archive)

Martins de Carvalho (special collection)

Nunciatura Apostólica (special collection)

Processo Revolucionário em Curso - PREC (archive)

Rodrigues Cavalheiro (archive)

Ruy Cinnaty (archive)

Seminário da Buraca (special collection)


Paraíso Library (Porto) 

Dalila Pereira da Costa (archive) 

Maestro Ivo Cruz (archive) 


Braga Regional Centre Libraries 

Francisco Videira Pires 

Luís Couto dos Santos 


José Pedro da Silva Library (Viseu) 

Dr. José Coelho 

Padre Fino 


For additional information about the special collections of the UCP Libraries or how to access the funds, please contact the corresponding Library.