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UCP publishes in a broad range of areas, including collections, academic journals and newsletters from the faculties and study centres.

In 1998, the university created its own publishing company - Universidade Católica Editora - which publishes in a wide range of academic areas, ranging from theology to biotechnology and the social sciences to engineering.

The aim of Universidade Católica Editora is to help promote the academic and research activities of UCP, acting as an outstanding means of communication between its academic staff and society at large.


  • Forum Canonicum (Centre for the Study of Canon Law)
  • Lumen Veritatis (UCP Academic Society)


    Faculty of Theology
  • Biblioteca Humanística e Teológica
  • Épheta
  • Fundamenta
  • Memorabilia Christiana
  • Nova Spes
  • Semanas de Estudos Teológicos

    Faculty of Philosophy
  • Textos Filosóficos
  • Pensamentos Filosóficos
  • Cursos Universitários
  • Filosofia


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