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Rector´s Office

The office, co-ordinated by a director, comprises the Secretariat and International Relations.
Its duties are to:

  • Ensure, within the scope of the Rector´s Office, compliance to the rules contained in UCP´s statutes and regulations, and in civil law;
  •  Amongst other duties, it shall start, update and file processes on:
    - Examinations for master´s and doctoral degrees and for career progress;
    - Academic progression and promotion;
    - Granting equivalent degree status for foreign master´s and doctoral degrees, recording doctorates obtained abroad and recognising foreign qualifications;
    - Authorising the hiring of faculty and other academic staff.
  • Co-ordinate and prepare dossiers that the Rector´s Office presents to external bodies.
  • Draw up agendas for meetings of the university´s bodies, provide the required documents, the calendar and summon the meetings.
  • Check that the mandates of bodies and officials are valid.
  • Organise the Rector´s Office archive; ensure that the archive and the Rector´s Office databases are up to date, ensuring fast and accurate information on the university.


Ms. Frederica Campos de Carvalho
Assistant Director and Co-ordinator of International Relations: 
Ms. Maria da Graça Pereira Coutinho
Luísa Pita de Abreu, Berta Monteiro, Anabela Cruz, Helena Eça
Fátima Fonseca

Contacts and Opening times

Rector´s Office
Reitoria (6th floor of Edifício da Biblioteca Universitária João Paulo II)
Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Palma de Cima
P- 1649-023 LISBOA
Tel: ++351 21 726 58 38
Fax: ++351 21 726 05 46
e-mail: gabinetereitoria@reitoria.ucp.pt

Internal phone (reception): 1110

Opening times:
  9.00 - 13.00
14.00 - 18.00


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