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Facts and Figures


The university was created in 1967, when the Faculty of Philosophy (Braga) became the first faculty of UCP. The headquarters opened in Lisbon in 1968.

The university was officially recognised by the state in 1971.

For further information, see History


UCP consists of 15 faculties, schools and institutes, which are the basic education and research units. They are located in 4 main centres: Beiras, Braga, Lisbon (headquarters) and Oporto.


  • Bachelor, Master`s and Doctor`s degrees
  • Main subject areas:
    - Arts and Humanities
    - Biosciences and Bioengineering
    - Business Administration and Management
    - Communication Studies
    - Economics
    - Education Sciences
    - Engineering
    - Fine Arts
    - Health Sciences
    - Law
    - Music
    - Nursing
    - Philosophy
    - Political Science
    - Psychology
    - Social Sciences
    - Sound and Image
    - Theology and Religious studies
  • Certificate and diploma courses
  • Executive education: Catolica Lisbon School of Business & Economics and Catolica Porto School of Business
  • e- and b-learning


The university also includes research units (study or research centres, institutes).


Students taking degrees in 2014/15: 5.615
Post-graduate students in 2014/15: 4.309
Lecturers as at 31/12/2015: 1048
Other staff as at 31/12/2013: 532
Degrees awarded in 2015: 2.478
Degrees awarded since the university began (1967-2015): 44.705


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