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Final Evaluation 

2004-2005, LISBON (PORTUGAL)

We gathered a total of 24 evaluation sheets. In the following paragraphs, figures between brackets refer to the number of answers.

Regarding the mostly liked aspects of the IP, most students mentioned the opportunity to exchange ideas among people from different countries (17) and, more in general, the contact with people with a different background (20).  

On the question about disliked aspects, several students brought up communication difficulties because of the lack of English of some participants (4) and many mentioned the waiting times on some days of the programme (14).

In general, the programme was evaluated as 'well balanced' (10) or 'very intensive, but interesting' (15).  Several students explained that the programme was especially intensive at the beginning, but became more balanced towards the end.

Concerning their previous level of knowledge and their preparation to the programme, almost all students indicated the helpful role of the preparatory report (22), both for the content and for the English vocabulary.  As a consequence, no-one felt particularly ill-prepared, although several students (4) wondered whether the focus of the preparatory report should not be on Europe rather than on their own country.  Some experienced a lack of English language skills (3), despite the preparatory report.

When asked about what they learned new things, many students wrote that they learned a lot about other people's ways to look at problems (9, both differences and similarities are mentioned) or about the policy of the participating countries or the EU (8).  Most students, however, found it difficult to pick one specific new topic and just answered 'many things' (20).

The evaluation of last year pointed at room for improvement regarding the final report.  Following our effort to improve the instructions and the time available for report-writing, this year there are no longer suggestions in this direction.  In fact very few suggestions remain, with the question for more (detailed) information on the program content as modal category (5).  As usual, it was also suggested to have the IP last eleven or more days, as to allow for some time for tourist visits.

Regarding the active participation of the students in the programme, the verdict was unanimously positive.  All students reported a high level of involvement (21).  Some, however, also felt somewhat limited because of their limitations in the English language (4).

Finally, the hotel was evaluated as excellent by all students and some students were surprised by the cold in the university halls.  The social events were highly appreciated (especially the visit to Sintra and getting around in Lisbon).  Several students explicitly thanked the Portuguese organisers and students for the wonderful job: "Many thanks for everything!".

Students evaluate the 2005 IP largely as before: an excellent international experience, with ample room for exchange of ideas and learning about other EU-countries.  A minor point of concern regards the lack of English communication skills of some participants and the timing of the information on the programme (final version, website).

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